What People are saying about
The Andreas Method®


Clients enjoy improvements in

* migraine
* organ weaknesses
* pms
* postural realignment
* pre- and postpartum issues
* toxemia
* trauma
* weight management
* whiplash syndrome
* digestive ailments
* divorce support
* fibromyalgia
* heart ailments
* hormonal imbalances
* immune system weakness
* insomnia
* pain management
* menstrual irregularities
* anxiety
* allergies
* arthritis
* asthma
* breathing difficulties
* circulatory support
* chronic fatigue
* depression
* diabetes

“Jeannette, the blood test I did after I came to see you came back clean...! It’s such a miracle!”

Annie Greenwood, Los Angeles, California
(Cancer Self Healing Testimonial Video)

“I loved the session, which was quiet and easy, and I have genuinely felt free of stress and anxiety the past two weeks since I lay down in Jeannette’s room...”

Hellin Kay, champagneandheels.com

"Jeannette is very caring and genuine. She embraces you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Hope you get a chance to see her."

Maritza R., Pacific Palisades, CA

"Jeannette’s sessions are very powerful and have helped me to open my heart and mind..."

Jackie R., Los Angeles, CA

"I will never forget that Shiatsu massage Jeannette gave me - it was incredible!!! I have never felt so relaxed."

Michael W., Boston, MA

"I was not able to walk again after my hip-surgery. After the hands-on healing session - I can do it!"

Robert T., New Zealand


Testimonials are individual experiences, and not intended to make any claims. Jeannette von Johnsbach does not diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. Healing arts services provided by Jeannette von Johnsbach are not a medical treatment and do not replace medical treatments. Self Healing (your body healing itself) is an individual process. Results should not be expected.