Pass This Simple Fitness Test - and Live Longer

Can you sit on the floor and get up without support?

This ability - to rise from the floor using just one hand, or better - no hand, is a better indicator of how long you will live then age, gender, and even weight.

According to the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention, Researchers in Rio de Janeiro asked 50 to 80 year olds to sit and then to rise from the floor, using minimal support. [1]

After 10 years, participants who needed additional support to get up from the floor were overwhelmingly more likely to die - across age, gender, or body mass index. Adults who needed to use a number of aids such as their hands and knees were six times more likely to die than those who didn't

If getting up without assistance is something you can’t easily and effortlessly do right now, know that your body can relearn your god-given right to be able to do this. The Andreas Method uses personalized corrective exercises and bioenergetic release.

Ever wonder why kids don’t have a problem with getting off the floor quickly? They are constantly moving. Our natural design is to stand and move. Unfortunately the way we live creates postural misalignments due to prolonged sitting, injuries, repetitive stress, dominant sport, and un-comfortable/poorly adjusted seats. Sitting has now even been coined the new smoking. [2]

A compromised posture decreases mobility and flexibility. Over time, the body further compensates the structural imbalances to avoid pain, and because our brain needs our eyes to be level with the horizon in order to maintain balance and equilibrium (righting reflex).

The energy the body spends to compensate for large structural misalignment is tremendous. Benefits from postural realignment are pain relief, more energy, better sleep patterns, slower resting heart rate, and daily activities are much more fun. Using corrective exercises before engaging in intense fitness or yoga practice is also highly recommended to prevent injuries.

The Andreas Method uses bioenergetic release, as well as personalized corrective exercises based on a patented software program to assist your body in regaining good posture.

Enjoy Mobility - Live Longer ;-)


Jeannette von Johnsbach


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