Mother Nature Knows Best!

Many people believe man-made supplements are a fine substitute for a proper diet. Honestly, the “only lab” that delivers complete nutrients in perfect ratios into one package is mother nature!

Now research confirms what grandma knew all along:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

A study from Cornell University showed, that an apple (with skin) has only 5,7 mg of Vitamin C - yet it has the same anti-oxidant power than 1500mg of purified, isolated Vitamin C! [1]

Research has also shown, that you have only a 2.5% chance of selecting a nutritional product in the market place that is both non-toxic and effective.[2] In other words, you have a 97.5% chance of selecting a nutritional product that is either toxic or doesn’t work.

While a supplement can be important to bring back balance, it is not replacing a sensible diet and food based nutrients. If needed, The Andreas Method uses carefully selected supplements, that are nourishing your particular personal biochemistry.

Favor Food First because Mother Nature Knows Best ;-)


Jeannette von Johnsbach


1 Dr. Rui Hai Liu, Cornell University

2 Landmark study reported in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical

Association (winter, 1999)